The goddess Athena asked the god of fire, Hephaestus, to bring warm waters to the surface of the earth, water to rest, water to heal so that the mythical hero Hercules will come to rest after each labor. God Hephaestus did not break down the favor of his beloved sister. Hephaestus stroke the earth with his divine hammer and instantly warm healing waters were spurt.

Until 1907 no inhabitants were found, because the baths were only used during the summer months, as long as the bathing season was on. In the beginning of the 19th century, the region of Edipsos accepts the refugees of Asia Minor, which will give new impetus to development, in the fisheries, agriculture and marketing sectors.

In the same time there are also built large hotels such as "Heraklion", "Stadion", "Istiea", "Aegli", "Aura", "Aktaion" and others .........


Welcome to AKTAION HOTEL, the Traditional Classical Hotel in the beautiful Edipsos.

The history of our hotel goes back to the early 20th century when its owners, stone carvers, built it according to the architecture of the time to create a building of exceptional aesthetics.

A few years later, the Ministry of Culture, recognizing the specificity of the building, will designated it as a "Historic Monument", which should be preserved and protected.

In 2011 AKTAION HOTEL will be renovated to include all the luxurious services it provides, while preserving the unparalleled beauty that its construction from traditional Edipsos stone attaches.


Around Hotel

The hotel is located in the heart of the city just 100 meters from the harbor, only 50 meters from the shopping street (super market, pharmacies, shops, etc.), while the Health Center of the area is 22 km away.

AKTAION has 10 rooms that can be used as doubles, of which 3 can also be used as triples.
Each room has its own distinctive aesthetics, and its equipment has been made with COCOMAT furniture and clothing that is environmentally friendly. Also enjoyable and restful sleep will be offered by the COCOMAT layers we chose.

In the specially designed Cafe area our rich breakfast is served, which you can also enjoy on your own terrace overlooking the Euboikos Gulf.

In addition, we offer you the possibility to relax in your room, by massaging from a specialized Physiotherapist, upon your agreement with the reception (extra charge).

We are waiting for you to spend together enjoyable holidays, always providing you with our best services and making the luxury accessible to everyone.